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Digital marketing campaigns have been more present than ever in recent months. But how can the new reach be leveraged over the long term? How can digital outreach and personal, physical communication be combined? The answer is simple: with events.

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Customer Journey

For a long time, the customer journey was mainly a B2C topic. In B2B, no one cared about which phases or touchpoints a potential customer went through. After all, marketing provided the leads through trade fair appearances, lead campaigns or telephone acquisition. 

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LinkedIn in den Sommerferien

"We don't publish a campaign in the summer, between July and August, we take it easy." - We encounter these or similar phrases all too often in our day-to-day conversations with clients. But is this a good strategy? Why is it worth taking advantage of the summer?

Digital Pioneers

Digital Pioneers

Everyone knows the typical questions "What are your plans for the future?", "What are your plans now?". So, I had to deal with these questions as well. I admit, at the beginning it was not so easy to answer them.

Zielgruppen Targeting

Target group definition

A good target group definition is the basis for every digital marketing strategy and successful campaign. However, a target group is not a fixed group, depending on given KPIs, the target group should be adjusted. 

Marketing- und Sales Funnel

Marketing- & Sales Funnel

The Marketing Funnel is an important part of the marketing process. It describes the most direct journey that customers might take on their decision-making process. There is no universal version of the funnel, there are different explanations.

LinkedIn Best Practise

LinkedIn Best Practices

LinkedIn is the place to be in the B2B environment. What strategies help to increase the success of campaigns on LinkedIn? We have compiled a few best practices to increase the performance of LinkedIn campaigns.

Leidenschaft für Digital Sales

Passion for Digital Sales

Thomas Braun got into the sales field by accident. After completing his degree in business informatics, other paths were actually planned. "But I really like this intensive sales process", says the sales expert.

Leidenschaft für Digital Sales

LinkedIn vs. XING

If you're in the B2B marketing business, you probably can't get around these two platforms. LinkedIn and XING are used to present the company and to build up one's own profile or network.

LinkedIn Best Practise

Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, software solutions support lead management, web tracking, communication and as CRM. Campaigns can be planned and implemented more efficiently, while at the same time marketing activities are tailored to the customer.

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