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LinkedIn Targeting

LinkedIn Targeting

LinkedIn ist im Bereich B2B die Social-Media-Plattform Nr. 1 für die Verbreitung von Inhalten – und damit unverzichtbar für die B2B-Werbung. Anzeigen in sozialen Netzwerken sind am effektivsten, wenn sie Zielpersonen dort ansprechen, wo sie sich ohnehin häufig aufhalten.
Auf LinkedIn von der Masse abheben

Auf LinkedIn herausstechen

Fünf Top-Tipps und Ideen, mit denen du dich auf LinkedIn von der Masse abhebst. So stichst du heraus, ob mit organischen oder bezahlten Inhalten. Wir geben dir Tipps und Tricks, wie du dich von deinen Wettbewerbern abhebst und deine gewünschte Zielgruppe besser erreichst.  
Werbung auf LinkedIn

Werbung auf LinkedIn

LinkedIn ist im Bereich B2B die Social-Media-Plattform Nr. 1 für die Verbreitung von Inhalten – und damit unverzichtbar für die B2B-Werbung. Anzeigen in sozialen Netzwerken sind am effektivsten, wenn sie Zielpersonen dort ansprechen, wo sie sich ohnehin häufig aufhalten.

Analytics auf LinkedIn

Was bringt LinkedIn überhaupt? Wer sind meine Follower? Liest jemand die Updates, die ich poste? Fragen über Fragen. Wie lassen sich die Daten aus LinkedIn analysieren und für zukünftige Strategien verwenden? Gleich wie lange dein Unternehmensprofil auf LinkedIn existiert.
LinkedIn Best Practise

#Tips & Tricks: LinkedIn SEO

How can I optimize the ranking of a company profile on LinkedIn? LinkedIn company profiles also rank, like any website or social network in the SERPs (Seach Engine Result Pages). Google processes an estimated 3.5 billion search requests per day. But how can you influence the SEO results?
LinkedIn Best Practise

Marketing Automation

With Marketing Automation software solutions support lead management, web tracking, communication and CRM. Campaigns can be planned and implemented more efficiently while at the same time marketing activities are tailored to the customer and made more personal.
LinkedIn Best Practise

LinkedIn campaign at the turn of the year

The Christmas season is now in full swing but what does that mean for LinkedIn Ads campaigns? LinkedIn has provided exciting insights on KPI's: On the platform, around the holiday season typically decreasing CPCs and increasing CTRs are being observed.
LinkedIn Best Practise

LinkedIn Best Practices

LinkedIn is the place to be in the B2B environment. What strategies help to increase the success of campaigns on LinkedIn? We have compiled a few best practices to increase the performance of LinkedIn campaigns.

Leidenschaft für Digital Sales

Passion for Digital Sales

Thomas Braun slipped into the sales area by chance. After his degree in business informatics, other paths were actually planned. "But I really like this intensive sales process," said the sales expert.

Leidenschaft für Digital Sales

LinkedIn vs. XING

XING or LinkedIn which do you prefer? If you're in the B2B marketing business there's no getting around these two platforms. However, two corporate networks also mean twice the work.

Digital Pioneers

Digital Pioneers

Everyone knows the typical questions "What are your plans for the future?", "What are your plans now?". I also had to deal with these questions. I admit, at first it wasn't that easy to answer them.

Zielgruppen Targeting

Target audience definition

A good target audience definition is the basis for every digital marketing strategy and successful campaign. However, a target audience is not a fixed group, depending on the given KPIs, the target audience should be adjusted. 

Marketing- und Sales Funnel

Marketing- & Sales Funnel

The marketing funnel is an important part of the marketing process. It describes the most direct journey that customers could take on their decision-making process. There is no universal version of the funnel but there are various explanations.

Wir sind für Sie da

Event Marketing

Digital marketing campaigns have been more present than ever in recent times. How can you use new reach in the long run? How can digital reach be combined with personal, physical communication?

Sie brauchen Unterstützung? Wir sind da

Customer Journey

For a long time, the customer journey was purely a B2C topic. In B2B, no one cared which phases or touchpoints a potential customer went through. After all, marketing provided the leads through trade show appearances, lead campaigns, or telephone acquisition. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Setze ein Zeichen und zwar online! Digital-Marketing ist jede Form von Marketing, die du online findest. Beim Marketing ging es schon immer um die Kontaktaufnahme mit der eigenen Zielgruppe am richtigen Ort und zur richtigen Zeit.

Machen Sie Pause?

LinkedIn during the summer

"We don't release a campaign in the summer, between July and August we take it easy." - We encounter these or similar phrases all too often in our day-to-day conversations with customers. Is that a good strategy though? Why is it worth taking advantage of the summer and running social media campaigns?

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