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Target audience definition

The target audience definitions in social media & event management

Die wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktoren für Ihren Kampagnenerfolg im Social Media oder Event Management ist Ihre Zielgruppe, konkreter sind Ihre zukünftigen Kundinnen und Kunden.

Do you know your target audience?

A good target audience definition is the basis for every digital marketing strategy and successful campaign. However, a target audience is not a fixed group, depending on the given KPIs, the target audience should be adjusted. Adjusted? To what? You might ask. You should always know the demographic, socioeconomic and psychographic characteristics as well as the buying behavior.

The right #targeting for an event!

Which needs, wishes or challenges have to be met by you and your event for your target audience to claim it a success? The audience should be defined as precisely as possible. The larger the target group, the broader the expectations and wishes, the more complex the event, the higher the chance for it to be a flop. Focus on the right participants! Do they match the content of the event? When defining the target audiences, involve not only the marketing department, but also colleagues from sales teams and the specialist departments. Who are the contacts we want to see at the event? What areas of activity / functions do our audiences have? In which area is our target audience active - C-level vs. specialist department?

Events are still one of the most important marketing measures in many companies. Even in the B2B environment, it is particularly important to maintain personal contact with your network. The key success factors in event marketing! 

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