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Factors for Success in Event Marketing

Events are still one of the most important marketing measures in many companies - moreover, it is also particularly important in the B2B environment to maintain personal contact with your network.

Online meets Offline – #NiceToSeeYouAgain

Digital marketing campaigns have been more present than ever in recent times. How can you use new reach in the long run? How can digital reach be combined with personal, physical communication? The answer is simple: events. Personal exchange as well as networking are primary focuses of events. However, digital channels gain more and more importance in promoting events in order to address and reach right target audiences.

Event Marketing
Event-Kommunikation #Storytelling #ContentCreation

Like any marketing campaign, it is important to get your advertising budget right, and focus not exclusively on the event:

Even the best-planned event will not be crowned with success if no one knows of its existence.

It is important when selecting media channels to promote your event that you do not just rely on tried and tested media, but also focus primarily on your target audience and their relevant channels! In order to ensure that an event is remembered for a long time, it helps to tell a story.

The definition of the target audience #Targeting

What does your target audicence expect from the company an the event? Which needs, wishes or challenges do they face? Your target audience should be defined as precisely as possible. Read more about right event targeting and how you can consider the customer journey: Read more now!

For detailed planning, the following questions should be answered first: #CustomerJourney #FineTuning

Customer Journey

A participant expects the registration and communication process to be as straightforward as possible. The following points should be considered:

  • How to register for the event?
  • Do I receive an automatic confirmation?
  • Is there a contact person for any questions?
  • How do I find the location? Are there directions on how to get there? What about parking facilities at the location?
  • What does the agenda look like in detail?
Fine Tuning

Behind the scenes, it also needs a set procedure to avoid complications at the location:

  • Is the catering ordered?
  • Have catering times been coordinated with the agenda?
  • Has the definite number of participants been communicated to the location?
  • Who will handle the Welcome with registration of the participants?
  • Which team is responsible for the content and structure of the presentations?
  • Who is presenting at the event?
  • Is there a contact person at the location for ad hoc complications?
After the event is before the event

In order for events to be successful in the long term, it is important to strategically involve the sales teams in the event organization. Who approaches which customer? Is my customer registered for the event or could I invite him again personally? Event organization is not just a task for marketing, but should always be planned holistically with sales.

A well-planned follow-up before the event has always proven to be good in practice. Once the event has taken place, it is usually too late to start thinking about a possible follow-up. Days turn into weeks and months go by. The measures for the follow-up campaign must be defined as early as the event planning stage:

    • What are the tasks taken on by marketing?
    • Will video recordings or presentations be available?
    • How are new leads handled following the event?
    • Who is responsible: marketing vs. sales team?
    • Is there a lead handover?
    Want to learn more about our FollowUp process? 
    Last but not least #AboutUs

    Staging events that are true experiences and brand appearances that stand out from the crowd, in combination with personal experiences are more valued than ever before. We organize tailor-made events such as breakfast events, Workshops, Business-Apéros, Business Talks, Hybride Events and Webinars.

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