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Why a sustainable strategy is worth it

When you come across the term automation it sounds impersonal at first – but we want to show you that digital marketing processes can also have a personal character.
With Marketing Automation software solutions support lead management, web tracking, communication and CRM. Campaigns can be planned and implemented more efficiently while at the same time marketing activities are tailored to the customer and made more personal.

Marketing Automation is worth it for the following reasons

Evaluate data optimally

#Knowyourcustomer – Marketing automation can quickly find out where a potential lead is spending time on the website, thus identifying their interests. The same goes for email campaigns: Which links were clicked on in the email or was there a repeat response in another email?

Individual communication

Based on the evaluation of the data, e-mails and target group approaches can be individually adapted. These findings make it easier to address the lead in a more personalized and targeted manner through follow-up measures.

Increase efficiency

Repeating tasks and processes can be designed efficiently. Software works even when no one is at work. For example, e-mails are sent out automatically, the click data is analyzed immediately and leads are generated. This creates resources for further creative campaigns.

Landing pages & touchpoints

Landing pages are at the core of many marketing campaigns. They capture contact information from prospects who register for webinars, documents or similar. Marketing automation makes it possible to guide these people through further processes automatically. However, each step remains individual – depending on the person's decision. For example, if someone registers for a webinar a confirmation email is automatically triggered, including calendar blocker and login data. If someone does not register, another reminder is automatically sent out.

Lead Scoring

A scoring system allows the leads to be classified optimally. The reactions at different touch points result in differently high or low points. This makes it easy to see how well a lead is already qualified. For example, if a telemarketing campaign is planned it is worth calling the contacts with the highest scoring first.

Measuring successes

One thing is for sure: if you don't know or measure your successes or even setbacks, you can't improve. With the help of marketing automation, detailed reports with the desired KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be created in order to optimize follow-up campaigns.

Conclusion: a thoughtful use of marketing automation makes it easier to identify leads with real potential. Multiple touch points create sustainability in lead nurturing.

#letsgiveitatry - We're happy to work with your process and help you get better and higher quality results.


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