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LinkedIn Best Practices – #DeepDive

LinkedIn is the place to be in the B2B environment. What strategies help to increase the success of campaigns on LinkedIn? We have compiled a few best practices to increase the performance of LinkedIn campaigns.

Anzahl der Creatives erhöhen #BeCreative

For each ad we recommend using at least 3 creatives. This way you can also avoid ad tiredness and measure which type of content performs better. If you have a narrow target audience it will show up multiple times among each other in the users feed. This way the ads achieve greater reach, frequency and they get the most attention.

LinkedIn Best Practise

Texte – #WenigerIstMehr

You don't have the possibility to test different creatives? We recommend working with text variations. Small changes can make a big difference. Experiment with different text lengths and headlines. Descriptive text should be between 100-220 characters. Anything over 220 characters will be truncated on desktop computers. If the description is under 100 characters, detailed information may be missing. Test different lengths to see what your audience responds better to.

Frequency Cap

LinkedIn limits the display of ads in the newsfeed to individual users. A user will see an ad once every 12 hours during the duration of a campaign. With different creatives a higher broadcast can be achieved here. How does it work? A maximum of 5 designs can be played within 48 hours. This means you reach your target group much better and have a huge branding effect.

LinkedIn Best Practise - Budget


Use a daily budget of at least 50 CHF/€. The first two weeks of a campaign are crucial for the LinkedIn algorithm to optimize the target audience and to get the campaign running properly. The budget should not be too low. Only if you reach enough people with your campaigns you will also get the necessary data to evaluate the performance of the ads (measured against the campaign goals set above). The LinkedIn algorithm needs a minimum of 14 days to adjust itself optimally.

Any questions? #LetUsKnow

We manage many LinkedIn campaigns in the B2B environment in the DACH region. Every single campaign is a new challenge. We encounter new solutions, new target groups and new corporate design – that's what makes our job so exciting. You can find a small insight of our campaigns here:

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