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LinkedIn Campaign at the turn of the year 

LinkedIn Campaigns at the turn of the year #DontStopMeNow #MerryXmas

The Christmas season is now in full swing but what does that mean for LinkedIn Ads campaigns?
LinkedIn has provided exciting insights on KPI's from the holiday season: On the platform, around the holiday season typically decreasing CPCs and increasing CTRs are being observed.

Here is a comparison from last year: Key indicators during the holidays in Q4 2021:
– 5.2% lower cost-per-clicks (CPC)
– 19.1% higher click-through rate (CTR)
– 30% higher engagement with ads
– 22% higher lead generation

In the last weeks of the year, there is less competition in LinkedIn auctions. We typically see a sharp drop in CPCs. This leads to lower CPLs (cost-per-leads) using Lead Gen Forms. So if you run your campaign during the Christmas weeks, you will not only benefit from less competition but also maximize your cost efficiency.

Take advantage of these benefits and give yourself lower CPCs!
The holiday season is the best time to run ads if you want to maximize your ROI.

In summary, why is it important to have a strong presence on LinkedIn during the holidays?

Three good reasons:

1. The perfect time to influence purchasing decisions for 2023
As the year comes to an end many B2B companies are on the one hand interested in exhausting remaining budgets. On the other hand they are busy with upcoming purchasing decisions for 2023. That's why it is important especially at the end of the year to create awareness so that customers have you directly in mind when making purchasing decisions next year.

2. The less competition, the cheaper your ads
Since less companies run their campaigns at Christmas time you also have to invest less to reach exactly the right people with your ads. With the right CPC and CPM models we target the budget to be spent only when the target audience is actually active.

3. More time for users to read your feeds
For many users LinkedIn is a platform they scroll through in their free time. They're looking for interesting content to keep them up to date – now is the perfect time to connect with them!

Be one step ahead with LinkedIn and gain more customers and reach on LinkedIn in 2023.
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