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LinkedIn summer slump? #DreamOn

"We don't release a campaign in the summer, between July and August we take it easy." - We encounter these or similar phrases all too often in our day-to-day conversations with customers. Is that a good strategy though? Why is it worth taking advantage of the summer and running social media campaigns?

Machen Sie Pausen?

LinkedIn has created an exciting analysis for the DACH region. Which effect does the vacation season have on the KPI's?

CPC decreases by 14.1%

How is this possible? There is less competition and more inventory. In LinkedIn's second-price auction model, this rapidly lowers the cost of a campaign. Brands going live with their campaigns during this period can reach their audience at a lower cost.

The CTR increases by 14%

How is it possible that the click-through-rate increases by 14%? There may be fewer people engaging overall, but those who do, engage more intensely. This means that, you are reaching exactly the kind of people you want to reach with your message because they are interacting: users are reading intensely. They act. They use their quieter moments during summertime to think strategically about the year ahead.

Relevance Score drops

Companies that drop off the radar during the summer lose momentum and experience a slowdown in performance after the summer. Campaigns that launch after summer often get off to a sluggish start. How can this happen? Over the summer months, the target audience forgot about the brand - nothing was liked or shared. The LinkedIn algorithm has to re-rank the company in the newsfeed first, as there are other posts that have more presence or relevance as these posts reach more interactions. This is not only tedious, but costs time and money to rebuild one's own relevance in a sustainable way. Do you have time in the 4th quarter? From experience, fall / winter is a crucial phase in marketing and sales processes. #DontWasteTime

If you are inactive for an extended period of time, you are missing the opportunity to share your message with your audience. Technically, the Relevancy Score resets every 2 weeks during a period of inactivity, resulting in a lost opportunity to win the auction with lower bids. A strong Relevancy Score helps win the auction with lower bids. This in turn leads to a lower CPC.

Best Practices: The best LinkedIn strategy for the summer months:

Stay On!
1. #StayOn

Cut costs, but keep your impact by always being online during the summer. You'll reach your audience with a lower CPC, right when your audience intends to engage. Senior decision makers use downtime to research their buying decisions.

Always On
2. #Always-On

Try to create a basic buzz on the social media platform with always-on campaigns. Stay present and online by posting regularly. Nurture your audience to continue to be remembered and keep or increase your share of voice. Always-on campaigns ensure you never miss an opportunity to interact with your audience when they intend to do so.

Our experience #MeetTheExperts

We have years of experience in B2B social media marketing and are certified by LinkedIn in marketing strategy. Do you have questions about the right strategy or need help implementing it?

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