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Everyone knows the typical questions "What are your plans for the future?", "What are your plans now?". I also had to deal with these questions. I admit, at first it wasn't that easy to answer them. I knew that my interests lay in the digital industry but not exactly in which area. That's when the program Digital Pioneers came in. A pilot project launched by the Arbeiterkammer with the help of the Digital Campus Vorarlberg and Industrie 4.0. It enables young women between 17 and 27 to enter the digital world.

The foundation of the program is a two-month basic training in which areas such as software development, online marketing and project management or design are looked at more closely. During this time you can improve your interests and find out where your own preferences are. Afterwards, you can implement and strengthen what you have learned in an eight-month practical phase at one of the partner companies.

I am doing my eight-month internship at solution sales AG in Switzerland in the digital marketing and social media department. There, I'm getting insights into cool and creative projects. The extremely friendly team gave me a very warm welcome right from the start which made it much easier for me to get started with the internship.

solution sales

How does a typical working day look like for me?

Definitely not boring! Thanks to the dedicated team, I was able to quickly settle into the daily routine. Due to the varied work there is always something different on the table, whether it is campaign planning, campaign reporting or website creation – there is always something going on.
At our regular meetings we update ourselves together and keep ourselves up-to-date. We also discuss current and upcoming campaigns and projects.

A few of my activities so far:

  • Campaign design and layout of digital advertising measures
  • Website creation and design
  • Content marketing and image editing
  • Report generation: summary of the most important KPIs
  • SEO optimization for websites
  • Research & test various online marketing tools, such as Leadfeeder, SWOT, HubSpot and so on.

What do you prefer – home office or office? We offer both. The combination of office in a cool coworking space in the middle of the city and home office makes working life even more varied. The days in the office are mostly used to go over the upcoming projects together or to exchange ideas about everyday things. Team solidarity and harmony also play a major role at solution sales. And you can feel that every day.

I am very happy to be part of this great team and to continue to learn a lot from them.

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